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How the winter solstice can help you let go, come into stillness, and begin a new life cycle

Christmas is almost here and it can be easy to get caught up in the last minute stress, the balancing of so many needs and expectations, that we forget the “reason for the season”. We each have our own reasons to celebrate the holidays and in this newsletter, I wish to share a few things that can help you rekindle the magic for you and your families.

Winter Solstice has been a very important point during the year for most cultures in the Northern Hemisphere for thousands of years. The English word, Solstice, comes from the latin words “sun” and “to stand”. Marking the mid-point of winter, it brings the promise of new beginnings, a new cycle. Now we move out of the darkness and into longer, warmer days.

In Christian mythology, the newborn sun was personified as the newborn Christ. So the church placed the birth of Christ 3 days after the solstice (3 kings/stars in Orion´s belt that marked this new cycle in nature as seen in the eastern night sky). This special time of the year was also associated with the Sungod Ra in Egypt and the Sun King Lugh by Celtic people. In northern Europe, Jul/Jol together with Frigg went on the “Wildejagd” to drive out darkness and bring light. Over the centuries, the presence of this natural phenomenon was given various names such as Percht, Perchta, Berchta, Holda, Frau Holle.

It is fascinating to research how our ancestors celebrated and used this time of year for healing. By tuning into the natural patterns of the Earth and Heavens, we have a chance to come into resonance with something much greater than ourselves. This time where one cycle ended and a new one began on a cosmic and planetary level, was used by millions of people for thousands of years for healing and support in ending inner/personal cycles and beginning new ones. This was not just some kind of symbol or mythology though.

People who were sensitive to Earth´s cycles and lived off the land, could feel these changes in their bodies. The veil between the physical and spiritual dimensions became thin, therefore their communication with Spirit was easier and more powerful during the time of Solstice. You too, can EMBODY the stillness and primordial light.

The primordial Light, Christ´s Light, was and is felt very strongly during this time. When the sun stands “still” there is a window of stillness that allows our minds and bodies to quiet down enough so that our perception can exit “space/time” and enter “magical time”. To illustrate, think of one of your best holiday memories during the Christmas season or “Rauhnächte”. I guarantee that during that deep moment of happiness, love or peace, you transcended the feeling of time. You entered a space of timelessness – magical time.

Like animals and plants, we can use this season of stillness and rest to slow down, withdraw, go within. Spend more time outside and honor the sun and the Light within while watching a sunrise or sunset.

I encourage you to use this special window within nature´s cycles, to heal darkness of your past, end cycles of pain, and open to new cycles of light. How? Well that is very individual, but here are a few tips:

1. Go outside and observe the stars, as if for the first time. Feel nature around you and surrender to her cold, to her rhythms. Feel yourself as a Part of that vast cosmic and planetary cycle.

2. Allow yourself to become still, silent. Become aware of the shadows around you, and within you. Inner shadows are areas within our consciousness that we normally do not allow to come to the surface: shame, anger, self-doubt, fear, etc. Be a gentle, loving witness. Do not resist what you perceive in that moment. Accept what is, breathe, become present. Enter magical time.

3. Call in the primordial Light, the Light of God, the Christ (anointed, messiah) Light, or whatever name you wish to give to it.

4. Light a candle or fire. Release the “dead wood” in your life. Focus on that Living Light within you and around you, surrender to it, allow it to unfold however it wishes. Allow your inner light to grow again and unfold within you and radiate outward.

5. Give thanks.

And with that, I wish to thank all of you who shared your trust, your pain, your love with me this past year. It has been so fulfilling to work with more than 2000 patients and participants in my healing practice, seminars and rituals in 2018. I could share so many inspiring stories of healing from trauma/abuse, ms, cancer, chronic pain, grief of separation, panic attacks, rare diseases, substance abuse, suicide interventions, … Each one of these cases humbles me and moves me. I could also share so many inspiring stories of healers and service-based workers who felt more empowered to live their Vision this past year. I stand in gratitude to each of you.

Let us continue to heal together, help each other awaken in presence, and share our Light with the world in 2019!

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